Aboriginals of Digby, N.S. under THE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE ABORIGINAL SOCIETY as a Local or Zone


     Oositookum, meaning ear, which Chief Membortou called Digby, Nova Scotia, in the 1600's. Chief Membortou died in the year of 1611, he was a very famous Micmac Chief.  My name is Chief Duston Stevenson, a non-status Chief.  I am the local Chief of Digby, Aboriginals under THE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE ABORIGINAL SOCIETY, which has well over 200 members.  The society was set-up in 2005, to help foster Aboriginal entitlements.  There are currently 3 Zones or Locals under the society of T.F.P.A.S.  The Grand Council Chief is Chief Ward Smith of T.F.P.A.S.  I was elected for the Local Chief in the year of 2006, month of October.  My councilors are Bryan Simms,  Sasha Melanson, Reid Stevenson and Elder Frederick Smith.  The other 2 Locals are Sissiboo and Annapolis.  This is a non-status society and the work is volunteer.  We help many, many, families fighting to re-instate their Aboriginal identity, as well as culture foundations, meaning ceremonies,  family feast, food gathering etc..  Its a long battle to find your ancestors but remember, thats why we are here, to help you and any other Aboriginals linking back to your culture and re-instate back the Aboriginal roots.  Its hard but if we stand together as one we are as one.  Their are currently over 700 members ranging all across Canada as well as some members residing in the United States of America.  We had one membership meeting the end of last year since I been Chief, going to have a lot more meetings this year for many different avenues.  This is Oositookum first web page so their will be many changes as well as updates and adding link to T.F.P.A.S. our National Office and many more links to come so I, Chief Duston Stevenson like to welcome you to the site, and check in for new updates as well....

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